• I Wish You Didn’t Ask Me That

    I’ve avoided this topic for a few months now, ever since a Mom Journey follower asked me to discuss how I handle my girls…dating…boys. Since this has been the most requested topic to date, I guess it’s time to give in. I’m not sure why I’m reluctant to discuss this topic openly… Maybe because, unlike many of […]

  • My Kids Are Gonna Break Me!

    Moms have a lot of stress because we’re responsible for a lot of people and a lot of things. And if you’re responsible for the finances in the home, that stress load quadruples–and then multiplies by 100. So we’re gonna talk about money…because I want to share an easy strategy that not only made a […]

  • I Have Baggage

    “I Have Baggage” was the second post on The MOM Journey and is still the post that received the most response from readers (excluding my book announcement video). Foreverymom.com requested to publish it on their website. This was an important topic for me personally, and I believe others connected with it, too. We have tripled […]

  • I May Be a Hijacker

    Hijacking is a crime–and I may be guilty of it. Now, if you’re picturing me at a stoplight, pointing a Glock 9mm at the driver of an expensive sports car…that’s not the kind of hijacking I’m talking about (although that may be as close as I’ll ever come to driving an expensive sports car!). No, […]

  • No More Secrets! It’s Reveal Time!

    It’s time…FINALLY…to tell you my secret! It’s in the video…CHECK IT OUT!   Is this CRAZY news or what?! I still can’t believe it! THANK YOU for letting me share it with you! I hope you’ll come along and experience this whole publishing process with me! Click that link to my website. And when you […]

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